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President of NABS and PCPC LLC

 From:  Ronald K. Bethea

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            Takoma Park, MD

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  To: George Ashton Co-founder

         Sol-System Board of Advisors and Board of Directors

         1101 Connecticut Avenue NW Suite 200

         Washington DC 20036.


Washington, D.C

Reference: “NABS negotiating a position with major corporations to serve as off takers for NABS Member Projects on their books.”

Dear Mr. Ashton,

It is my pleasure to introduce the many organizations that I represent. As the President of the National Association of Blacks in Solar, the President of Positive Change Purchasing Cooperative LL, I have been able to gather a group of  the leading African American owned   solar design, developers , installers and workforce development training companies in the solar industry throughout the nation.

We have projects that are on the table nationwide in the magnitude of more than 200 MW. I would like to engage with you on specific ways that we could partner as we move  forward with the solar projects to have designated off takers for the energy projects based on this fact.

 Sol Systems and Microsoft, Working Together on Portfolio of 500 megawatts of U.S. Solar Project, and Investments in Communities on the Front Lines of Climate Change.

As you as you are keenly aware without the off takers many of these projects will not get off the ground. So that why we are reaching out   your guidance in that regard.

In this letter you will find the many policies that direct opportunities for the black community as it directs to our ability to have viable solar projects in the black community such as.

One of the major focuses of the National Association of Blacks in Solar in the coming months is to call for a Congressional Hearing on the 2021 National Platform Calling for A Green Economic Development Plan for Black America  is as follows:

Establishment of a process for evaluating social, political, economic environments priorities in the development of an individualized long-term solar strategy for HBCUs, Black banks, Black churches, Black municipalities, Black county governments, Black businesses, Black non-profits. and demanding that the Biden Administration invest 35% of the $1.7 trillion that his administration plans to invest in clean energy in black communities nationally to combat climate change.

Community engagement over the last 12 years to educate the African American community about climate change and the solar industry with its many benefits has been a major problem. Because getting the solar industry, city, state and federal government to invest advertising dollars with African American owned media to educate African American communities has been a major issue nationally. The NABS will be solicitating funding from the public and private sectors to pay for syndication and broadcasting costs with the Urban One Radio Network of radio programs such as “Solar Now and the Future With its Economic Impact on Black America.” The program educates the black community locally and nationally about the economic impacts of climate change and provides environmental education to the black community. Through syndication, the program will be heard in 76 markets nationally, which will help drive public opinion in reaching our stated goals.

Targeting African-American-owned institutions, including HBCUs, black-owned banks, businesses, churches, farmers, and property owners, along with targeted funding for African-American-owned commercial and residential units nationally through the Property Assessed Clean Energy (PACE) and The Rural Energy for America Program (REAP). The Biden administration is planning to implement these resources over his first term.

Requesting full funding for a national HBCU Five- Year Green Economic Development Sustainability Plan developed by the Positive Change Purchasing Cooperative, LLC. and PEER Consultants, led by their  CEO, Dr. Lilia Abron, P.E., BCEE receives the highest professional distinction accorded to an engineer, as an inductee of the National Academy of Engineers Class of 2020.

The plan also includes:

 Using Property Assessed Clean Energy (PACE) as a national organizing tool to cut energy costs for black-owned businesses and residential properties, nationally and to negotiate with Chain Store Franchisers on Solar for Black Franchisees

Using the Rural Energy for America Program (REAP) which provides guaranteed loan financing and grant funding to African American agricultural producers and rural small businesses to purchase or install renewable energy systems or to make energy efficient improvements

Negotiating a position with major corporations to serve as off takers for NABS Member Projects on their books.

I certainly look forward to having a healthy discussion in that regard. Let’s certainly set up a zoom meeting for March 22 or 23 2012. If you would get back to with time that will fit into your schedule.  So  I can  get this information out to our membership so they  can  participate it would be greatly appreciated.


Ronald K. Bethea

 President, NABS and PCPC LLC

cc.  Will R. Shirley, Vice-President, National Association of Blacks in Solar


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